Chico Chico is a "swing jazz" ensemble based in Austin, Texas. The international lineup of musicians compose and cover songs from the 1930s era. Chico Chico combines the improvisational music of guitarist Django Reinhart, flamenco, 1930s swing and traditional New Orleans jazz. Chico Chico is an ensemble with boundless energy and passion.


Alumni with occasional sit-in visits:

Alex Connor - Guitar

Courtney Koger - Vocals

Chris Kranyak - Violin

Travis Shull - Upright Bass

Brandon Chicotsky - Percussion

Arnulfo Manriquez - Guitar

Joe Tighe - Clarinet

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Austin’s CHICO CHICO plays Jazz Manouche, better known as “Gypsy Jazz” in the U.S. The lineup consists of Arnulfo Manriquez and Alex Conner on guitars, Courtney Koger on vocals, Travis “Chavez” Shull on standup bass, Joe Tighe on reeds and Brandon “Chico” Chicotsky on percussion. They play the music of Django Reinhart, the gypsy jazz of 1930’s Europe

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